The Reason Society Loves Lawyers

Everyone’s heard the lawyer jokes. The jokes about God trying to sue the devil, but the devil pointing out that all the lawyers are in hell. The jokes about tying lawyers to rocks at the bottom of the ocean. If you want to hear a lawyer joke, you don’t have to go far to hear them.

However, as much as people may joke about lawyers, the real truth is that society appreciates them. There are a number of different reasons for this, but it all boils down to the fact that lawyers are public servants. It’s easy to think of them as people becoming rich off the suffering of others, but there are almost no lawyers that actually do that.

In truth, most lawyers start out in quite a bit of debt. Law school is incredibly expensive, and anyone who wants to get a law degree has to deal with that. It’s not uncommon for lawyers to start off with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. Yet even with that, many lawyers go into law practices that are almost assured of not making a great deal of money.  An example of the contrast would be that a personal injury lawyer in St Louis can make a lot of money, but a family lawyer in any city will often be low paying.

It’s unfortunate, but the times when a person needs a lawyer is usually a particularly terrible time in their lives. They need to sue someone for more than small claims, or they need to deal with family suffering. Given that, it becomes incredibly easy to place a great deal of blame on the other person’s lawyer. Yet the real truth is that without those lawyers, it would have been impossible for the family to come to an agreement. No one goes to court because they think it will be fun. They go to court because there’s no other way to come to an agreement.

The aspects of family law that make lawyers important aren’t the only reason society loves lawyers. There’s also quite a bit involved in business law. While it’s easy to think of business lawyers as soulless animals trying to get the company more money, just as many lawyers work incredibly hard to get justice for employees who have been treated unfairly. Without lawyers well versed in business law, these employees would have absolutely no recourse if they were fired without cause, or treated improperly by their employers. Certainly, an employee could try representing themselves in court, but that wouldn’t get very far.

If you ever wonder why lawyers are appreciated by society, the answer simply comes down to the fact that they have a specialized skill. Knowing the details of the law is important, and without lawyers it would be impossible to actually figure out how to deal with things. No one wants that. No one wants every argument to become an impossible to deal with battle. Lawyers keep that from happening. Lawyers allow the court of law to work the way its supposed to. In essence, lawyers are the people who manage to make sure society doesn’t fall apart at the seams.